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Crockpot Pulled Chicken with Crunchy Slaw

Crockpot Pulled Chicken with Crunchy Slaw  Football does not excite me. Watching guys who are paid millions of dollars to dress in tight outfits and run around a field tackling other guys does not excite me. A game that turns 5 minutes into 20 minutes and makes me wait to watch The Amazing Race does not excite me. You wanna know what does excite me? Cheesy dips, spicy chicken wings, salty chips and peanut butter brownies shaped like little footballs. That’s right, the truth is out…I like football food. And I’m not alone. I recently read that in terms of food consumption the Super Bowl ranks third, behind only Thanksgiving and Christmas! I guess there’s something about this game that really makes us hungry. Crockpot Pulled Chicken with Crunchy Slaw I’m all about any excuse to have friends over for eating and sharing good food so naturally the Super Bowl is my kind of thing. Never mind the fact that I can’t follow the game, don’t know which team belongs to which city and couldn’t tell you the names of any of the players if my life depended on it. It doesn’t matter because I’m really only in it for the food. Every year we have few people over for a Super Bowl gathering. I like to keep it small because that way everyone has a comfy place to sit and also it’s a bit more conducive to eating an actual meal rather than just stuffing ourselves with appetizers and desserts. Alright, maybe the truth is that we have a meal and we stuff ourselves with appetizers and desserts. It’s okay though because it’s the Super Bowl and that’s what we do. Even though this favorite day of gluttony is still more than a week away I figured it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on one of my favorite game day dishes. Crockpot Chicken with Crunchy SlawThe best way to describe this Crockpot Chicken Sandwich is that it’s like pulled pork without the pork. After slowly simmering the chicken thighs until the meat is falling off the bone you mix it with a boldly flavored home made barbeque sauce packed with spice, sweet and plenty of tang. If that isn’t enough flavor, you then top the whole thing with a crunchy cabbage, carrot and apple slaw and serve it inside a whole wheat roll. Yup, that’s right… you put the coleslaw inside the sandwich. Trust me when I tell you how incredible this is. It’s not just the flavor – smoky sweet meets tangy fresh- but the texture of the crisp cabbage and apples combined with the melt-in-your mouth chicken that makes this sandwich so truly amazing. You don’t need a football game to make this recipe, but when you have a football game- you need this recipe! This is a great meal to make for a crowd because it serves 8 people, but even if you are only 4 (or 2 like us) make the whole thing anyway. Believe me…you will be glad you did  the next day when you’re feasting on the leftovers.

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Two Pepper, Mushroom & Black Bean Quesadillas

Pepper, Mushroom & Black Bean Quesadilla
Oh man has it been cold lately. I’m not talking below freezing put on a scarf before you go out cold. This is the real deal. Like –17 degrees kind of cold. Like stay in bed and huddle under the covers kind of cold. Or sit in front of the fire and read a book kind of cold. The good news is that we finally have a nice layer of snow on the ground and the sun is out this morning so at least it looks pretty outside.

cold snowy view

Let me show you. This is the view through my kitchen window. What? You thought I was going to go outside and take a picture for you? Did I mention it’s below zero right now. Besides, I kind of like the contrast of my window sill succulents against the snowy cold backdrop. It’s like two worlds colliding.

So besides staying in bed or huddling by the fire how do I stay warm when the temperature dips below frigid? I cook of course!  Nothing warms the kitchen faster than a hot oven, and nothing warms the body better than a big glass of wine…umm,I mean plate of spicy food. Pepper and Mushroom Quesadilla
Quesadillas are the kind of food that everyone likes and anyone can make. Okay, maybe I’m generalizing a bit, but really what’s not to like? And can you say quick and easy- that’s what this dish is all about. Chop your ingredients, layer them in a tortilla with some cheese, pop in the oven and that’s it! Simple, simple, simple. The other thing I like about quesadillas is how many different ways you can make them. Pork, chicken, rice, pineapple, peaches, goat cheese, white beans, black beans…I could go on and on. If you can chop it and fit it between two tortillas you can make it into a quesadilla. I went pretty basic with this recipe. Partly because I really like this simple combo of peppers, mushroom and black bean, but mostly because it was what I had and it was far to cold to go to the store.

Here are my ingredients. Yes, that is frozen corn. Not many fresh ears floating around in the middle of January so the frozen stuff will have to do. The good thing- frozen corn from a bag is much less messy than cutting the kernels off the ears. I always find those little buggers all dried out under my toaster oven like a month later.
Here is everything all chopped up. You can adjust the amount of heat by either removing the ribs and seeds from the pepper for less heat, or leaving them for more. Since grocery store jalapeños tend to be pretty mild I left all the seeds and ribs for this recipe. In the summer though, when they come fresh from the garden, that’s a whole different story.
All the veggies go in a pan for a quick sauté.
Sprinkle the tortillas with cheese and top with the veggie mixture.
I added a bit of chopped roasted chicken that was leftover from a few nights ago, sprinkled on more cheese and topped with another tortilla.
After baking for 10 minutes top with fresh mashed avocado mixed with a squeeze of lime and serve with salsa. Guaranteed to warm you from the inside out!Pepper, Mushroom & Black Bean Quesadilla
Before I give you the recipe I feel obligated to include this note about tortillas:Not to be preachy but did you know that this innocent flat piece of dough can actually be incredibly unhealthy? A normal size 10-12” tortilla has an average of 130 calories, about 5 grams of sugar and only 3 grams of protein. That’s the whole wheat kind, don’t even get me started on the white ones. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are healthy tortillas out there. My favorite are the Cedar’s brand 8” whole wheat. Unlike many other “whole wheat” tortillas these actually contain whole wheat flour. They also only have one gram of sugar, 80 calories and 8 grams of protein. You might not be able to find this brand where you live, but PLEASE read the ingredients before you buy. And whatever you do, don’t buy the ones next to the taco shells in the middle of the store (yeah I am talking about the huge white Mission brand ones- you might as well be eating a donut). Generally the tortillas in the refrigerated section of the store are a far healthier option. Okay, enough lecturing…on to the recipe.

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Pineapple Ginger Meatballs

Pineapple Ginger Meatballs
Are you ready for a confession? Okay, here it is… I am a BIG fan of meatballs. There, I said it. While I refuse to be ashamed.of this self-professed meatball love, deep down I can’t help feeling a little funny about it. I mean, these are balls of meat we’re talking about here. It’s not like when people say "I love chocolate”, or “I am crazy about pasta”. There’s nothing romantic, or exotic, or even remotely interesting about having a love of meatballs. I don’t care though. Call me a rebel if you must, but I like my meat in ball form. And I like my meatballs with lots of savory bits tucked inside and smothered with a chunky sauce.
Did you know that I only found out a few years ago that you could buy pre-made meatballs in the store? Really, it’s true. One of the first meals I remember my mom teaching me how to make was home made spaghetti and meatballs, so I guess for a long time I assumed that everyone made their own meatballs. I still don’t understand why everyone doesn’t. The problem with store bought meatballs is that they are just that…balls of meat. Where’s the flavor? Where’s the chopped onion and garlic? What about the fresh herbs? A meatball that’s only meat is just so…boring.
Not these guys though. Loaded with fresh ginger and jalapeno these meatballs are practically bursting with flavor. And I haven’t even mentioned the sauce yet. Okay…so it’s technically not a sauce in the true sense of the word, but a stellar meatball topping if I ever saw one. Fresh pineapple, dried apricots, red onion and a bit more ginger. Serve over couscous and top it off with almonds, scallions and a drizzle of toasted sesame oil- now that’s what I call a meatball! So put down that boring frozen ball of meat, gather your ingredients and make some meatballs. Cause this world needs more people who share the meatball love.

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